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Wed December 24, 2005 Issue 1

Table of Contents

  1. 1.Special plant growth article

  2. 2.Seaweed for feeding

  3. 3.New content at Jason's Indoor Guide

1- Special Article

What do the following things have in common with your plant food?

  • Ph

  • temperature

  • light

  • humidity

  • CO2

  • oxygen

The answer is, each one of these 7 factors has an effect on the growth of your plants. Together, they are known as growth influencing factors. By considering each one closely, a gardener can zero in on a problem in the garden, or make adjustments to get the maximum amount of growth.

When these factors are tuned in, you will rarely have a problem with pests or disease. When one (or more) of these factors is out of it's ideal range, plant growth will slow. Growth will be only as fast as the limiting factors will allow. For complete info, full pages on each growth influencing factor will be coming soon to Jason's Indoor Guide.

2- Feeding your Plants with Seaweed

One of the greatest fertalizers and supplements a gardener could ask for, weather you grow organically or hydroponically. Seaweed naturally contains plant hormones, eliminating the need for a separate supplement.

Seaseed is also packed with trace (micro) nutrients. Foliar spraying with a little liquid seaweed once a week will normally prevent any type of nutrient deficiencies in your plants. Finally, seaweed products are full of carbohydrates, which your plants use as a tissue building block, and which also supports large populations of beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.

The whole story of seaweed and beneficial micro-organisms can be found at .

3- New Content at Jason's Indoor Guide

As most of you know, it's been a busy month here at the Indoor Guide. Just above you got a peek at the new seaweed fertalizer page. You will also find a new section on gardening fresh herbs all year round, written for a poor guy in Montana who could not go the winter without his pesto. I must admit, the fresh herbs really do brighten up a dull winter day a bit.

In addition to the seaweed fertalizers is a whole page on fertalizer and soil additives you might be interested in using. Now that I have a few extra pages in the organic department, you can expect a few more pages dedicated to pure hydroponics in the near future.

The most exciting thing, I think, is the new RSS feed. For those of you who don't know, RSS (or real simple sindication) is putting a website into your favorites list...only you are notified every time there is new content on your favorite site. Saves you time, and keeps you up to date. Check it out, they are the little orange buttons on the pages of my site.

Weather you have questions, comments, or a suggestion for an article, I'd love to hear from you. Vistit my contact info page and drop me a line!