Dozens of Health Problems
Linked to GMO Foods

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The large trends driving our food production today are the increasing demand for more organically grown, non-GMO foods and an increase in labeling requirements. This e-zine will serve as a platform to explore the driving forces behind these powerful trends, helping the reader to achieve a holistic understanding of this super important topic- FOOD AND HEALTH. After learning what I have learned over the last 4 years, it is way overdue that I address the GMO topic.

FACT: Monsanto is one of the largest players in GMO, if not THE largest

FACT: Monsanto brought the world PCB's, as well as Agent Orange

FACT: Bill Gates is heavily invested in Monsanto

FACT: Monsanto and Bill Gates are heavily invested in the "Doomsday Seed Vault"

FACT: Over 80% of all corn, soy, canola, and cotton is genetically modified

FACT: Corporations are not required to tell you if their food products contain genetically modified ingredients or not

FACT: When fed to lab rats and mice, the companies that produce these foods have recorded the following:

-higher autism rates

-higher infant mortality rates -Sterilization/infertility (consumer cannot reproduce) -higher birth defect rates, including: -births with missing limbs -births with major organs on outside of body -lower I.Q.s

FACT: The companies and organizations producing GMO food today are the same companies and organizations that aligned themselves with (or in some cases FOUNDED) major eugenics organizations in the early to mid 1900's....a fact that I found particularly disconcerting.

These documents- the actual paper research by the companies producing these poisons- are widely and easily available on the internet with the most cursory of searches, so I will not go into them in any more detail. Just consider this- the next time you put food in your son's or daughter's mouth you could be sterilizing them or feeding them a food that may cause them life long health problems (and perhaps a great deal of pain and misery as well).

It is absolutely a crime that our government and it's "officials" work so closely with corporations (and receive so much money FROM corporations at campaign time) that it is to the detriment (the very obvious detriment) of the people who the government was established by and for in the first place.

I beg all of you, inform yourselves! Protect yourselves! Your government certainly will not protect you!

Below is a link to just a small clip on youtube about the GMO problem/crime. The rest of the video is easy enough to locate if you find it informative....

Consider growing your own organic, non- GMO garden today! The articles of incorporation of the U.N. state openly that they will use food as a weapon against populations they decide to act against. Inform yourselves, and don't wait till it's too late!
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