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The Daily Feeder, Issue #009 -- Legalized States Hungry for Good Genetics
May 30, 2021
It's been a while....

Legalization Moving Forward

Hello friends and fans,

Mango Choco cannabis varietyIt's been a while since I've sent any mail to my list of green thumbs and gardeners. In the last couple of years the whole West coast has legalized, with some portions of the country skipping de-criminalization and blatantly LEGALIZING recreational marijuana.

That's right, the debate has shifted. It's no longer about medical marijuana and a person's medical rights. People are embracing the idea that personal freedom is something that should be valued, and have become aware (or have been aware for some time) that we have been lied to as a society about cannabis and hemp.

In the course of the last few years, I have picked up and moved to Denver Colorado. People are growing legal gardens of cannabis out here, and I see them every day! There's an amazing sense of freedom here. People are more patient and respectful of one another here, compared to when I was living in Cleveland Ohio. And now states on the East coast are beginning to legalize!

Here in Denver, new medicines are being developed from the complex terpene and resin profiles of the cannabis plant, almost on a daily basis. And the understanding of these chemical substances and how they interact with the human body is increasing on almost a daily basis as well.

One of the most exciting areas, in my opinion, is the treatment of PTSD and opiate addiction with cannabis and cannabis medications. I will be getting into all of this much more as I delve into it all here in Colorado.

Facebook Live and Youtube Live

Another brand new effort is the video channel. I did a test run with one crappy video like two years ago, and even though the video sucked it jumped the rank and traffic for the page it was associated a LOT.

So, I've been meaning to make a video series for a long time. I've been hiking mountains for like 8 years, and I think I got it all out of my system. I'm in Denver now with all my shit, I'm settled down in a place, and I have a garden growing and everything!

I will be getting on a few cannabis groups on facebook and Youtube to start doing some live broadcasts. At first, it will probably be just me doing some dabs and talking about some random cannabis related stuff, but it will quickly develop into two broadcast for dabs and random talk and the other for a more structured and serious cannabis growing curriculum.

So- keep your eyes out HERE...later on, Hope to see you all there!

SEED SALES - The Latest Addition

The most recent addition to the website is our seed offering.

We now have an excellent selection of cannabis genetics from local breeders here in Colorado. On this page here I have a giant box of cannabis seeds that I've collected over the last couple of years, attending the local cannabis industry trade shows known as the Indo Expo.

Our other offer for quality cannabis genetics is from a local breeder here in Denver, Colorado, who is networked with many other local cannabis breeders here. NWG-Genetics has been creating some exciting new strains, with a focus on quality and short flowering times.

We ship to the US ---- please call with any questions.

Concerned about how current cannabis genetics always seem to throw hermies? We are too! It has resulted over the years, from breeders constantly trying to produce male flowers on female cannabis plants. These genetic memories keep adding up in the plant gene pool, and you eventually end up with nice female plants that are always throwing male flowers.

That is why we are committed to doing the necessary back-crosses, to stabilize the genetics we sell. Check out our most recent new strains--- BOAZ, COAX, and Dragon's Heat--- over at NWG-Genetics.

Don't loose track of this great content!

Federal legalization is closer than ever!

For 16 years I've run this website, and have never really been able to talk about growing cannabis openly. I've always had to talk about gardening in general, or growing vegetable crops, or other crops with similar nutritional requirements.

Interested in growing your own?
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Check out our gardening channel on YouTube!

The vast majority of the footage and material will be produced right here in Denver. There's a great community of long term growers, hash and concentrate makers, glass blowers, edible makers, medical professionals, along with public forums and discussions where today's activists are being heard and CHANGING LAWS.


Dirt Cheap Light Systems!

Includes horizontal reflector, digital timer, light lifters, a digital ballast, can power MH as well as HPS lamps, includes a MH lamp, includes a HPS lamp, and is dimmable. Free ShippingDon't spend $600.00 on a light system! You don't have to anymore. The same light system I bought just 4 years ago at a local store for $450.00 you can get on Amazon today for like $165.00 -Seriously-

The grow light is the most important part of your grow setup and, until the last couple of years, it was also the most expensive. For 7 years I looked online and could not find a source that would be cheap enough to let me compete with the local stores. The main reason was that the light systems are heavy, and they cost a lot to ship.

Well, a few years ago Amazon changed all that. Now I challenge people all the time to try to find a more affordable grow light system ANYWHERE in the country.

If you are thinking about setting up a garden of your own, and you need a light, do yourself a favor and check out the system above, it has all of the features that I recommend!

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