Cannabis Opposition Removed

Many issues hung in the air during this presidential election, but cannabis legalization seemed to take a back seat to more important issues. In fact, when asking 20 different people about President Donald Trump's position on marijuana, not one person had a very clear idea of Donald's position on cannabis legalization. However, while campaigning, Trump was quoted as saying, “Legalized marijuana is always a difficult question, for medical purposes, absolutely, it’s fine.”

He also stated his position that cannabis legislation should be enacted by the states, re-affirming the state's rights under the 10th amendment to do so, in spite of the questionable 'supremacy clause' that supposedly puts the federal government 'in charge'. Short of these two things, President Trump's position on cannabis has been held tightly, and has been open to a great deal of debate and speculation.

So let's take a look at Trump's pick for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions. You may remember him from the banker bailout video in 2007 where he says the guys over at the Fed Reserve threatened him (and all of congress) with the collapse of the stock market and martial law if congress did not pass the banker bailout. The video is real, but a thorough search for it online is a stiff testament to how completely the established media and bankers have tried to scrub this video from the internet. I have pulled up two versions finally using this search "Senator Jeff sessions threatened with martial law if banker bailout not passed", but both videos have had their YouTube accounts terminated for 'multiple third-party complaints over copyright issues'. Check the last minute of this video...

Obviously the bankers and deeply established and corrupt career politicians don't want this video to be front and center on everyone's mind as they publicly examine this man. His deep patriotic leanings aside, Jeff Sessions has made statements in strong opposition to any kind of cannabis use. He also went on to make several comments to congress that seemed to indicate that marijuana prohibition was undesirable, leaving the public once again with a seemingly mixed message.

The video with Sessions has been completely scrubbed from the internet, but you can see another senator (Brad Sherman) saying exactly the same thing (above)! Perhaps to clear the air, Sessions appeared recently on the Alex Jones show recently and discussed the future of marijuana legalization (and his position on it, below). For someone who has been following Alex for 14 years and Trump for at least 5 or 6, my opinion is that this is a very positive development! (Trump's position, not Jeff Sessions).

Here is Jeff Session's position on legal, honest communication- why can't other news networks just tell us flat out like this?

Not the best choice as far as the cannabis community is concerned!

General John F. Kelly, who was Trump's pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security, supported the use of cannabis for medical purposes, even though he still expressed the opinion that cannabis legalization in certain states was hindering U.S. efforts to stop illegal drug trafficking. This last one is my personal favorite, and may be the biggest indication of what's to come on the cannabis issue. Prior to President Trump’s inauguration, here is an OLD screen-shot from the website for the National Policy on Drug Control...

Tired, old crap about drugs- propaganda passed from the international banking group called the U.N. to Richard Nixon

It expresses the broken, crappy, tired, ignorant hard line position toted by all those Bushes and Reagans and Clintons (all presidents since the 3-tier drug schedule was given to Nixon by the United Nations, actually!)...that “The Administration steadfastly opposes legalization of marijuana and other drugs because legalization would increase the availability and use of illicit drugs, and pose significant health and safety risks to all Americans, particularly young people.”

However, this hard-line rhetoric has all been TAKEN DOWN in the last few days. What business did the U.N. (created by bankers) ever have in out politics anyway, I can't help but THINK! When you go there now, you are thanked for your interest in the matter and asked tuned for developments in this area?!

Stay tuned for updates!

The future may still look uncertain to those who are just now beginning to know our new president. Others have been following him for many years as he had become more and more discontented with the corruption in the country and the departure from out traditional values (as a nation that produced it's own currency and did not tax citizens. Not the genocide part. Geez!). He co-authored a book several years ago with best selling author Robert Kiyosaki, called "Why We Want You to be Rich", where he began to more publicly voice his concerns, and giving it a read is a real eye-opener. A peak behind the curtain at what's coming this presidency!

I take this as a pretty good indication that the Trump administration will probably make significant moves to end or greatly reduce the federal government's opposition to cannabis. Already the federal government is now admitting to a number of medical uses for cannabis (Federal Government Admits Medical Uses for Cannabis!). How this plays out exactly in the complicated political landscape we now find ourselves in is up for a lot of debate! More than just wanting his actions in office to be carried in his own voice and style, Donald Trump is about to shift America back to a more honest version of our current 'free-market economy'. Just look at his first week in office--> Day One of Trump Presidency- Out With the TPP!

Ending the Trans-Pacific Trade screw job, entering into the renegotiation of NAFTA and reversing that 'giant, sucking sound', voicing his opinion that NATO is obsolete, making moves to greatly reduce our involvement with the United Nations, bringing thousands of jobs back to America from dozens of corporations (who have larger GDP's than most countries!) by providing the correct INCENTIVES. He's done more for this country in his first two weeks than most of these sellouts do their entire stay in office!

Time to drain the swamp!

Re-legalizing the hemp-based portion of the economy that largely existed before prohibition will move control of the economy out of the hands of oil producers, chemical producers, timber companies, media moguls, and (to a lesser degree) out of the hands of the bankers that fund, control, and own those industries. On that historical note, I will leave you with this final quote from our 45th President... "We’re losing badly the war on drugs... You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.” -President Donald Trump

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