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a high pressure sodium light is the best choice for flowering plants in my opinion

Got a question about grow lights, or the proper lighting for your garden area? Well, you are in the right spot! In the grow lights FAQ section, I answer all questions to do with proper garden lighting. This includes using HID lights, fluorescent lights, and LED lights, as well as natural sunlight. I will also take any questions on controlling the photo-period to force flowering in your favorite plants (and how to keep them flowering nice and healthy).

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Over the years I have put lots of information on lights and proper garden lighting onto this website. Many answers can be found at the bottom of this page. Many other questions can be answered simply by checking out a few pages first. Basic information lighting your indoor garden can be found here. More information on using the various different types can be found on the links below:

High Pressure Sodium
Metal Halide Lights
Fluorescent Lights

If you are not sure what type/size light you need, the light selector tool can walk you step by step through some basic considerations to help give you a better idea. Finally, some very complete instructions on how to manipulate your light cycle (to force flowering in your plants) can be found on my flower forcing page, as well as a few tips that will keep you from messing them up. And for the answers to all of your other questions, simply use the form below....

Do You Have a Lighting Question?

Most lighting questions come from visitors getting ready to start their first indoor garden. Proper lighting is one of four key points necessary for your success. Once your garden is started, however, unanswered questions can become horrible, nagging problems that prevent you from getting the results you want! Believe me, I've been there! Drop me a line and tell me your experience can help you avoid or fix your garden lighting problems.

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Lighting Questions from Other Visitors:

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LED Grow Lights - horseshit or no horseshit? 
I am attempting to sort out the LED grow light question. With so much info on the web, it's hard to decide. What do you think of LED's? I have come across …

Grow Lighting Distance 
I'm using "My Best Hydroponic System" and would like to know how far above the plants the lights should be for optimum performance. I have 2- 400 watt …

How Long do you Leave
Grow Lights On?
We use grow lights, but are not sure if they should be left on 24/7 or turned off in the evening. Please let us know. Answer: Rita- the answer …

Is a 150 w HPS too much for a Broom Closet? 
I am setting up a tiny garden in a 14 x 15 x 60 inch broom closet. It is 1.5 sq.ft and about 7.5 cubic ft. I'm hoping to grow a smallish tomato plant …

LED Grow Lights 
I'm sure you have been asked this question before and I hope you can answer it. I have built your " most successful hydroponic system " and I am using …

Using Grow Lights with Light Rails 
How would you use a light rail? My concerns are- would you jockey extra lights along the length of the rail (my preference) or at right-angles to the …

Flower Forcing in a Hydroponic Garden 
I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to you for your sterling efforts on this website - I have to say it's by far the most accurate and informative hydroponic …

400 Watt Grow Light Bulb with 1000 Watt Ballast 
Can I use a 400 watt grow light bulb with a 1000 watt ballast? Overwhelmed in Cali. Answer: In short, no- a 400 watt grow light bulb is designed …

Timers on Fluorescent Grow Lights 
For fluorescent grow lights, I've read that it is best to use mechanical timers as opposed to digital timers. Supposedly, the electronic ones can sometimes …

Can I Use a Fluorescent Grow Light in a Regular Fluorescent Fixture? 
I have an outdoor garden which is doing well, but I also want to bring some herbs inside to grow for convenience. I have a small (about 1ft wide) ledge …

What do you think about LED grow lights? 
I'm kind of curious. I'd love to use a high dollar HID setup... BUT... if LED grow lights are just as effective and a lot more efficient (concerning heat …

Hydroponic Grow Lights in the Far North Not rated yet
Jason - coming to you with my problems I feel like your my "shrink". Perhaps you could start a whole new field & call it plant psychology. Anyway "doc", …

Orchid Lighting Not rated yet
Could you give me an idea how much heat a 175w metal halide fixture would give off? I saw your page about airflow and how the self contained ballast units …

Fluorescent Grow Lights Not rated yet
I'm utilizing a closet for my plant (4'x 3') and it gets hot in there. My hygrometer is showing 85 degrees and 60% humidity. Utilizing one intake fan, …

What should my light cycle be for indoor strawberries? Not rated yet
I am just wondering what kind of light cycle I should have for my indoor grown strawberries? Do they need a veg cycle with 18-24 hour of light and the …

Fluorescent Grow Light - Testing the Output Not rated yet
I have heard that fluorescent grow lights loose their efficiency over time. Is there a meter available to test to see if the light is in the correct light …

Using Fluorescent Grow Lights with High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights Not rated yet
Is it beneficial to use both fluorescent grow lights and high pressure sodium grow lights together? Answer: Grizzly D- When I set up an indoor …

Grow Light Question for Germination & Seedlings Not rated yet
I built a PVC frame around 24" x 12" with 4 light sockets that can position the bulb angle (to point down/up or flat)... Right now they're around 1' above …

Light Cycle for my Hydroponic Garden? Not rated yet
I have a 400 watt, 8 pocket hydroponic garden system. I have the clones in there now with a fluorescent light on for 18 hrs. How soon can I put the 400 …

Maximum Area for HPS Grow Lights Not rated yet
I have a 9'x 5' garden area and 2- 600 watt HPS grow lights, and I want to cover the whole area. Is this a good idea? If so, what would the proper spacing …

Metal Halide Grow Light Bulb? Not rated yet
I bought a Metal Halide grow light bulb, 600w, online. How do I know it is indeed a Metal Halide grow bulb? The bulb says "Metal Halide lamp", MH-600w. …

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The moment LED lighting can finally compete with HID lighting. Very sweet!

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