Hydroponics FAQ

Misc. Hydroponic Gardening FAQ

So many of the hydroponic gardening questions I receive do not fit neatly into any of the categories below. In this section, you will find a wide variety of miscellaneous questions and answers. Topics include cloning, hard water and pH, using fermentation to produce CO2, DC power backup, dealing with fungus gnats, advice on grow media, controlling algae growth, light pollution during the dark cycle, starting seedlings, preventing mold problems, beginning water quality, crop specific advice, and many others. To visit the Miscellaneous Hydroponic Gardening FAQ, Click Here.

Hydroponic Systems FAQ

You will find all of the frequently asked questions related to hydroponic systems in this hydroponics FAQ. This includes system information for tomato cloning, aeroponic systems that do not use spray nozzles, aquaponic system information, visitor questions about hydroponic system pages, system drainage questions, crop specific system considerations, answers about hydroponic pumps, ultrasonic fog systems, media choices for different systems, system setup questions, information on my next NFT system build, air stone questions, vertical garden systems, and many others. To visit the Hydroponic Systems FAQ, Click Here.

Hydroponic Nutrients FAQ

The hydroponic nutrients FAQ is one of the most thorough (and also diverse) sections of the website. In this hydroponics FAQ you will find answers for making hydroponic nutrients in under-developed countries, using nutrients with a soilless medium, discussion on different fertilizers (such as MaxSea, Earth Juice, and Technaflora), crop specific fertilizer recommendations, how to deal with or prevent nutrient buildup in your grow media, discussion on organic nutrients, how to adjust feeding for outdoor crops on hot days, information on EC meters, how to maintain your nutrient solution properly, large scale organic systems, beginning water quality advice, information on nutrient additives, and many other questions and answers. To visit the Hydroponic Nutrients FAQ, Click Here.

Temperature Control FAQ

In this FAQ, you will find advice on grow box lighting and venting, how to deal with high humidity when you cannot lower it, the importance of good air circulation, fundamental advice for an effective exhaust strategy, tips on keeping your nutrient reservoir cool, how to deal with low night time temperatures, advice for putting your exhaust fan on a timer, best practices for using AC (air conditioning), as well as other questions (and answers) related to temperature and humidity control. To visit the Temperature Control FAQ, Click Here.

Plant Growth FAQ

This hydroponics FAQ contains all kinds of specific plant growth questions and answers. Some of them include diagnosing (and fixing) a root pest problem, how to grow Ivy on a wall indoors, how to prevent algae growth problems, how to deal with root growth clogging your hydroponic system drain, how to acclimatize your plants to bright sunlight to prevent wilt and leaf damage, natural remedies for pest control, diagnosing several miscellaneous gardens with dying plants, some cloning questions, how to transplant dirt starts to hydroponics, dealing with plants that stubbornly will not flower, diagnosing grow media problems, temperature problems that kill tomatoes, plants that grow stems but not leaves, solutions for a dying root problem, a discussion on transplanting, dealing with powdery mildew (and other mold and fungus problems), and many other answers. To visit the Plant Growth FAQ, Click Here.

Grow Lights FAQ

This hydroponics FAQ is another very thorough section. Here, you will find answers to the raging debate over LED grow lights, how to properly light a small broom closet, how to effectively use light rails, how to use a 12/12 light cycle to force flowering, a discussion on compact fluorescent lights (CFL's), why you should never use a 400 watt bulb in a 1000 watt light fixture, setting up grow lights in the far North, grow light distance from your plants, discussions on using fluorescent grow lights, crop specific light cycles and light requirements, lighting requirements for different stages of plant growth (including seedlings), what size area a grow light will cover effectively, and many other answers on the topic of indoor garden lighting. To visit the Grow Lights FAQ, Click Here.

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