Plant Growth Influencing Factors

Indoor Garden Troubleshooting Guide

Time - every growth factor has a time frame attached to it. These factors are sometimes controlled with a digital timer

Keeping temperatures in check. I recommend no less then 58*F at night and no more than 85*F in your hot spot during the day

Keeping humidity in check. I recommend 50% plus or minus 10%

Beginning water quality. Your tap water should have no more than 250 ppm in it to start

Oxygen in the root zone. For deep water culture, this means air bubblers in the nutrient reservoir!

CO2 levels in the grow room- should be added only when all other factors in the grow room are ideal

Light levels in the grow room- flowering plants require 50 to 80 watts per square foot. Veg plants require about 25

Proper feeding and/or maintaining of the nutrient solution. A three part hydroponic nutrient is a solid place to start

Water and nutrient solution should be adjusted to a pH of 6.2 before being given to your plants. A drop test kit is the cheapest way to test your pH

Pest prevention. If that fails, then pest control. Having the temperature and humidity right in the garden helps a lot in this area

With gardening, there are only so many things that have an effect on plant growth. In other words, there are only so many things that can go wrong. Together, these things are known as growth influencing factors.

Having a thorough understanding of each factor gives the indoor gardener the ability to identify and correct less than perfect conditions before they become a problem.

In order to get the greatest benefit from this information, you need to understand your indoor garden will only be as successful as the least perfect factor allows. So it only takes one factor to be out of the acceptable range to cause a problem.

Knowing the ideal range for each growth influencing factor and having the ability to keep each and every factor within it's ideal range will result in maximum growth and maximum yields.

When a problem of unknown origin occurs, this list becomes a priceless tool. Check the list from top to bottom to identify the source of the problem. The growth influencing factors are...

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