Seed Starting Cheat Sheet

BLF= Before Last Frost ALF= After Last Frost

13 weeks BLF (apx Feb 1st) Broccoli (indoors)

10 weeks BLF (apx Feb 22) Rosemary (indoors)

6-8 weeks BLF (apx Mar 10-Mar 24) Potatoes from seed, cilantro, sage, thyme, basil, mint, oregano (indoors)

6 weeks BLF (apx Mar 24) Cabbage for summer harvest (indoors)

5-7 weeks BLF (apx Mar 17-Mar 31) Tomatoes, kohlrabi (indoors)

4-6 weeks BLF (apx Mar 24-Apr 10) Eggplant, peppers (indoors)

2 weeks BLF (apx Apr 26) Cucumbers, melons, onions, pumpkin (indoors). Parsnips, peas, potatoes from whole potatoes (outdoors)

1 week BLF (apx May 3) Zucchini, squash (indoors)

Last Frost Date (apx May 10) Radish, beets, collards, horseradish, garlic, lettuce, fennel (outdoors)

1 week ALF (apx May 17) Sweet potatoes, carrots, corn (outdoors)

2 weeks ALF (apx May 24) Bush beans, pole beans, corn (outdoors)

4 weeks ALF (apx June 6-June 10) Brussel sprouts, cabbage for fall harvest (outdoors)

Planting Order Outdoors

Just as there are different dates for seed starting crop to crop, there are also different dates for moving/planting them outdoors. Once again, these dates are based on the last frost date at my Northerly latitude (Cleveland, Oh).

March 15 Broccoli

April 10 Cabbage for summer harvest

April 26-27 Parsnips, peas, potatoes (whole), kohlrabi

May 10 Radish, beets, collards, horseradish, garlic, lettuce, fennel, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, basil, mint, camomile, green tea, potato seed plantlets

May 17 Sweet potatoes, carrots, corn

May 24 Eggplant, bush beans, pole beans, corn

June 6 Brussel sprouts, cabbage for fall harvest, peppers

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