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Tomato Process

by Jimmy
(Smyrna, TN)

I wanted to start this hobby and needed to do it with as little out of pocket expense as possible. That may be a downfall later down the line. I bought an Emily's Garden for my system. If you are not familiar with this, it utilizes a wick system, houses 6 7 inch net pots that sit in a reservoir that is 2 gallons.

I actually started the tomato plants in an Aerogarden, and realized that I didn't have enough space to grow them there. So after 2 weeks in the Aerogarden I moved them to the Emily's Garden. I am using Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow formula (1TBSP/Gal). I use hydroton as my medium. A Sun System HPS 150, hangs 12-18 inches above my plants. I went this route because it was the cheapest lamp, and for this system the hydro store said it would work fine.

This whole system is in my garage. It has been a total of 5 weeks since I started the seeds in the aerogarden. They went from 3 inches tall to almost 10-12 inches in the last 3 weeks. I keep my PH at 6.0 and my TDS around 1000-1100ppm. My temp in the beginning was 70-75 day and 60-70 at night. Now it has gone up some as the temp rises outside. My solution tends to be around 75-77. My tap water measured 198-201ppm.

WOW lots of info!! I hope you would look at some pictures of my plants and see what you think of them and/or offer some advice, however, I can't figure out how to post a photo. I can send a link to you when you respond if that is okay? I sure do appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

Answer: Jimmy- So far, from what I've heard, you are right on track. I would love to see some pics, and would be happy to offer advice for any issues you may be having.

To my knowledge, Tennessee does not have any medical MJ laws....so please do not send me to pics of your garden if you are growing the MJ (otherwise I cannot help you without implicating myself in your illegal activities). That said, you can send pics to my temporary email address (which I will strip out of this post later on). So, any pics can be sent here......


I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

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